DICKEY-john mini GAC Grain Moisture Tester

Dickey-john has developed the mini GAC grain moisture tester based on the GAC2100b U.S. federal grain standard, the most accurate meter available. This grain moisture tester has no screw caps to deal with. The DICKEY-john mini GAC Grain Moisture Tester includes an internal scale to eliminate pre-weighing. Moisture range is 5″“45%, depending upon the grain type. Grain temperature range of 32ยฐ”“122ยฐF (0ยฐ”“50ยฐC). Sample size is approximately 1 pt. Holds up to (20) 20-grain calibrations, but you can choose from over 450 calibrations that can be downloaded from the Dickey-john website. Includes 9V battery and instructions. Weighs 39 oz. 11-7/8″H x 4-13/16″W x 8-5/16″D. USA made.

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