GEMPLER’S Extreme Heavy-Duty Grade Ultraseal

GEMPLER’S Extreme Heavy-Duty Grade Ultraseal is the best Ultraseal formula for maximizing tire performance. This Ultraseal can be used for highway-speed vehicles and off-road equipment, agricultural equipment, commercial or industrial vehicles and machinery of any size. Ultraseal conditions tire casings and maintains proper air pressure to protect against tread separation. When installed, Ultraseal guards against punctures caused by objects up to 1/2″ dia. It also repairs flats and blowouts as they happen to reduce expensive downtime, improve safety and increase fuel economy. This tire sealant permanently seals leaks resulting in reduced tire wear and inhibits rust and corrosion on steel belts, wheels and rims. Won’t freeze or evaporate inside tire for all-weather protection. Water-soluble for easy cleanup. Quick and easy to use, just inject through the valve stem with pump in inflated tire. One application lasts the life of the tire. Installation pump, item number 228248 , sold separately. 5-gal. container. U.S. Military approved NSN80300 #12894502. USA made. NOTE: Not for ultra-high performance tires. High-speed tires must be balanced before installing Ultraseal. See all flat tire prevention tools and supplies NOTE: This new container with externally threaded neck will not work with the old-style pump, item number P229 . If you already own an installation pump, order adapter number 228249 ) to connect the pump to the new containers.

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